Surprise and delight your shoppers with the only ecommerce AI CX agent that can actually take actions and execute resolutions

Keep your customers happy, drive repurchases, reduce costs and drive profit to your bottom line.

Our product has achieved


Accurate AI resolution rate


Reduction in support costs


Of support tickets resolved

Shipped AI is a fully integrated CX platform, resolving any issue on any engagement channel

  • An AI CX agent that can resolve issues across email, SMS, phone, on-site chat and social media

  • Build brand loyalty with proactive multi-channel personalized customer VIP support powering over 50+ languages.

  • Deliver instant customer resolutions and updates that reduce support costs and drive engagement.

One easy-to-use CX platform to orchestrate all order support

  • From order changes to delivery assistance, our self-service suite and always on AI CX agent makes resolving customer issues instant and hassle-free.

  • Enterprise custom analytics to see your customer journey holistically

Automate support calls with Voice AI

  • AI tailored to your brand voice, personas and guidelines that solves issues in real time 24/7.

Invisible Commerce
Designed for solving retail problems

Best in-class AI CX agent that can answer simple questions and solve real support problems

Streamline your post-purchase experience

  • Easily integrate with your existing technology
  • Resolve issues without changing processes
  • Fully integrated platform through one single integration

Why Us

We are the ONLY AI solution that can resolve any issue instantly within a conversation.

  • No need to create workflows to train the AI to know how to solve each problem

  • No need to escalate to a human agent for common order problems

  • No need to redirect customers to different policy pages and portals

  • No need to escalate fulfillment errors for wrong item received

  • No need to offer roundabout solutions for exchanges

  • We've programmed all the resolution flows into the platform taking the effort off of merchants

Touch of Modern lowers support costs by 74% with Shipped AI

High-end retailer adds Shipped AI to automate delivery issue resolutions

Invisible Commerce


Increase in NPS


Reduction in support costs


Upsell acceptance by customers for assurance